A holistic approach to business and healing for Josephine

Josephine Coughlan of Josephine's Holistic Therapy: Mitchelstown is becoming more open-minded.

Opening her own treatment room at her home in Broomhill has meant holistic therapist and budding businesswoman Josephine Coughlan, can balance the needs of her clients and family following her graduation from Tipperary School of Reflexology. 

A mother of four, Josephine decided the time had come to return to work and to found her own business when her family were old enough.

With her youngest now 16, Josephine says the time is ripe for her launch into the world of business.

Josephine offers Reflexology and Reiki services at her treatment room.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the principle that each part of the body has corresponding reflex areas in the hands and the feet, and that by applying pressure to them, the body can be brought back into balance.

“You get every type of foot coming in; you’d really have to love feet,” Josephine jokes.

Reiki is a Japanese form of therapy involving very light touch, thought to be able to channel healing energy from the practitioner to the recipient.


Josephine believes her treatments are a fantastic stress-buster and that stress and anxiety are often present alongside other health complaints.

Adding to overall well-being can only be of benefit, she believes.

“I got interested in Reflexology when my children were small,” she says. “I would use complementary therapies hand in hand with visits to our GP and I found that, using both together, healing times were improved.”

Josephine is keen to build on her business and hopes to attract new clients to complement her set of regulars.

In the meantime, her new business gives her a huge amount of job satisfaction.

“It gives me a great buzz to know I’m doing something positive to help someone,” Josephine says.

Josephine’s Holistic Therapy, Broomhill, Mitchelstown, Co Cork.
Tel: 086-8950028

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