The Xplore Fermoy Voucher, an initiative launched in Fermoy before Christmas, has seen €10,000 circulate in the local economy over the last few weeks.

Fermoy is officially the first town in the country to launch its own digital voucher through the Xplore app, which launched just as shops reopened after the second lockdown.

The vouchers, which work just like a gift card, were purchased over the past few weeks via the Xplore Fermoy App and with many reported to have been gifted to employees, family and friends.

“I am delighted to learn that €10,000 worth of Xplore Fermoy Vouchers have been purchased. In simple terms, this is €10,000 that can only be spent in the local economy and is a direct benefit to Fermoy,” said chairperson of Fermoy Forum, Michael Lyons.

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