What’s so different about Men’s skin?

Did you know that male skin is 25% thicker and more elastic than women’s? It also produces more perspiration and sebum meaning that it can hold a larger amount of impurities. Until the age of 40, men’s skin ages at a slower rate than women’s but after the aging process has begun, male skin can age at a faster rate. Such factors have lead Janssen Cosmetics to develop a revitalizing special care program specifically formulated for men.


This fast absorbing aftershave gel lotion is suited to all skin types. The Dicaprylyl carbonate element forms a protective layer on the skin making it soft and smooth. The Bisabolol extract from German Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, which prevents shaving-related irritation such as redness and burning. The Soothing Balm can be applied after cleansing in the morning to hydrate the skin and leave it feeling refreshed.


For men who prefer light textured skincare products, this non-greasy gel cream is the perfect solution for an intense moisturizer to use in the morning and evening.  The Hyaluronic Acid ensures that skin moisture is maintained while the Panthenol element relieves any feeling of tightness. A key feature to the gel is that it effectively reinvigorates tired skin and does not leave a greasy layer on the skin.


This light textured active concentrate can be applied to the skin after cleansing. The gel formula contains Vitamin C, which is responsible for promoting collagen production and improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin. The Codium tomentosum provides intense moisture. The Face & Eye Vitalizer visibly smoothes skin and also supports the regeneration process.

Janssen Cosmetics is available from select salons nationwide. To locate your nearest stockist or to purchase online, visit: www.janssen-cosmetics-shop.ie