Not all probiotics are created equal and not all probiotics do the same thing!

Launching three new products, Irish company Pharmed introduce the MyPro range delivering the next generation of probiotic interventions, one specifically for new babies, one for people with iron deficiency or for improved iron uptake such as women of childbearing age, pregnant women, children and adolescents, people with gluten intolerance and gastrointestinal diseases, vegetarians, athletes, elderly people and those using medications containing aspirin. 

The final product being launched resulting from years of clinical research is a high strength formulation of varied probiotic strains clinically proven to reach the gut alive and assist in promoting a healthy microbiome and digestive system for all the family.

MyPro Colicare RRP €18.95; MyPro Iro-Sorb RRP €19.95; MyPro Forte RRP €16.95.

Available in pharmacies nationwide.