A photo showing repairs being undertaken to Fermoy weir circa 1960.

The consultants working on plans for Fermoy weir remediation and fish bypass, TJ O’Connor and Associates, presented to councillors the plans they intend to take to An Bord Pleanala early in the new year.

Proposals for the weir consist of the remediation of the existing weir structure in parallel with the construction of a bypass channel around the northern end of the weir.

According to Mr Cahalane, a hydraulic model of the fish bypass was constructed digitally to test flow conditions.

“Velocity of bypass channel was for the most part low and that it didn’t have an impact on the velocities in the main channel of the river. It didn’t draw the water towards the inlet of the bypass channel at a very high rate of flow that might interfere with the likes of rowers on the river,” Mr Cahalane said.

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