Webinar educates students on beach safety and protecting the environment

MARINE LITTER - Cotton bud sticks found on the beach at Bull Island, County Dublin.

This June, Clean Coasts contributed to a three-part webinar series run by Cork County Council aimed at teaching young people in Cork schools about water safety and preparing them to enjoy the summer season safely on the beach.

In addition to learning about safety, the students heard about the Think Before You Flush campaign, sewage related litter and the 3Ps: that’s pee, poo and paper being the only three items to ever flush down the toilet.

The series was delivered to inspire young people to be safe in and around the water this bathing season and to become responsible beach users going forward.

The Think Before You Flush campaign is a public awareness initiative run by Clean Coasts in partnership with Uisce Éireann. The campaign, in its eighth year, focuses on the issue of flushing unsuitable items down the toilet and highlights the consequences of doing so, which include blockages in our homes, wastewater treatment networks and sewage related litter ending up in our waterways and on our coastline.

Sewage related litter can impact water quality and the marine life that rely on our waterways for their habitat and wellbeing. The campaign’s main message is to only flush the 3Ps and to remember that all other waste belongs in the bin.


During the webinars, Clean Coasts also presented the Think Before You Pour campaign, which highlights the issue of pouring fats, oils, and greases (FOGs) from cooking down the kitchen sink. FOGs cool and harden after being poured away and when they combine with wet wipes and other sewage related litter, fatbergs can form. Uisce Éireann clears thousands of blockages, including fatbergs, from the wastewater network every year. This campaign asks everyone to never pour FOGs down the drain, but to dispose of them in the bin once cool instead.

Elaine Doyle speaking at two of the webinars, said: “this series was a great way to deliver the Think Before You Flush campaign message to a large audience, allowing them to learn invaluable information about water safety and their wider responsibility in taking care of Irelands water quality and marine habitats. A morning learning about keeping ourselves safe, while also protecting marine life, is a morning well spent. Thanks to Cork County Council for hosting the series and we hope everyone enjoyed attending them.”


Join the campaign on social media @CleanCoasts and at www.cleancoasts.org. Learn more about the Think Before You Flush campaign at https://thinkbeforeyouflush.org/