Warning to owners of restricted breeds following “vicious” attack

A Maltese dog that required a vet’s visit following an attack by a large group of dogs in a Mitchelstown housing estate has been left terrified of other dogs after the incident, as the traumatised owners described the attack which saw the couple, both in their seventies, have to fend off the group of dogs, which are of a restricted breed. 

Catherine and John Fitzgerald were taking their customary Sunday stroll with their pet, who Mrs Fitzgerald describes fondly as a much-beloved member of the family, when their dog was set upon by a large group of dogs of restricted breed in the Clonmel Road area of the town. 

“Our dog was viciously attacked,” Mrs Fitzgerald told The Avondhu in a heartfelt letter this week. “I tried to hold my dog while my husband tried to beat them off with a brolly but to no avail. He had to pull one of the dogs off our dog by the ears as our dog was bleeding by then.”

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