Walker Hearing Clinic at Mellerick’s Pharmacy, Fermoy

Ear wax removal using micro suction at Walker Hearing Clinic. (Picture: Adrian O'Herlihy)

The best thing about Walker Hearing Clinic at Mellerick’s Pharmacy in Fermoy, according to Amy Walker, is seeing how the service has helped people & changed their lives.

Having already had a long-standing presence in Fermoy, in 2016, Walker Hearing Clinic opened their main offices, based in the Consultants Private Clinic on the grounds of the Cork University Hospital.

“We started in Mellerick’s Opticians in Fermoy over 10 years ago and we moved into Mellerick’s Pharmacy and refurbished the clinic just two years ago. We have a fully equipped, purpose-built audiology clinic there now and the local community have been very good to us,” said Amy, manager of Walker Hearing Clinic.

A full range of services are provided at the Fermoy clinic, including ear wax removal via endoscopic micro suction, diagnostic hearing tests, hearing aids, occupational hearing tests, hearing protection, and tinnitus consultations.

Diagnostic hearing tests take place in a purpose built, soundproof booth at the clinic and take between 60 and 90 minutes involving a detailed patient history, visual examination, pure tone audiometry, tympanometry, speech testing and onward referral if necessary.

“The best thing about this job is being able to help people, people who are debilitated by hearing loss and are not able to hear at work or hear their children or grandchildren.”

Amy Walker, Manager, Walker Hearing Clinic. (Picture: Adrian O’Herlihy)

According to Amy, Walker Hearing Clinic is the only truly independently owned hearing aid provider in Cork, which means they have no ties, financially or otherwise to manufacturers, allowing them to source the latest and best technology available for their patients.

“At Walker Hearing Clinic, our patients have great success with hearing aids, and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which patients never seem to need but it does give great peace of mind,” said Amy.

Although there are many methods to remove earwax, Walker Hearing Clinic audiologists are fully trained in earwax removal via endoscopic micro suction, relieving the symptoms of cerumen (ear wax) impaction without any side effects.

“People are very satisfied with the hearing aid and the high level of personal care that we give them. When a patient purchases a hearing aid, they are paying for the aid but also for their care. There is a common misconception in the public that the price is solely for the hearing aid.

“That is not the case. You are also paying for the care you need throughout the life of the hearing aid.  It’s very important to go to someone who is properly qualified and who will provide that high level of personal care that is required,” Amy said.