Twenty new social housing units for Ballyhooly

Twenty new houses for those on the social housing list, are due to be built in Ballyhooly in a ‘turnkey’ housing development, according to Cork County Council. 

The development project will consist of ‘a mix of two and three bedroom properties in partnership with a private developer’ and work is ‘hoped to commence on this scheme in early 2020’. 

The news came in response to concerns raised by The Avondhu on behalf of an individual on the social housing list who is waiting for a house to come up in the Ballyhooly area. 

The women who is currently paying high rent in Ballyhooly with the assistance of the HAPP scheme said that to the best of her knowledge ‘Cork County Council haven’t bought a house for social housing in Ballyhooly in 22 years’.

“Ballyhooly seems to be the forgotten village. There are houses going up in Glanworth and Fermoy but none here. There are vacant housing in private estates which could be bought by the council and allocated,” she told The Avondhu this week. 

She also criticised the Choice Based Letting Scheme through which those on the social housing list are allocated properties. 

“I’m fed up with this system. They are saying I have to apply for houses even if they’re not in Ballyhooly but then if I get offered a house and I don’t accept it I won’t be able to apply for a house again for a whole year. You’re just a number now,” explained the individual. 

Thankfully, her query in relation to social housing investment in Ballyhooly has now brought to light the positive news that twenty new houses are in the pipeline.