Castlelyons has once more become a hub of fresh breads as Lukasz Bialek and his wife Edyta, have set up at the site of the beloved Martin’s Bakery in the heart of the village.

Lukasz had set up a bakery business based out of his home in Midleton called Old Court East Bakery about three years ago, and was working from there until very recently. However, he was finding it extremely difficult to meet the high demand for his products as he only had very basic resources and was looking after the baking, the deliveries and the accounts himself. 

Now that he has set up at the site of Martin’s Bakery, production is going like clockwork and he has two staff employed to help him with his work. 


Having grown up in a very rural part of Poland with very little money, Lukasz learnt about hard work very early in his childhood. As a small boy he would sell fruit at markets for a very small profit and bring that money back to his family. He is very grateful to his parents who taught him that if you work hard enough, you can make it. 

“Life was not easy in Poland but now, no work is too hard for me,” Lukasz told The Avondhu.


Lukasz is a self-taught baker and learnt everything he knows though trial and error. 

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