The Happy Pear twins team up with Toyota Sandyford

Loughlin Murphy (Dealer Principal of Toyota Sandyford), David Flynn, Zoe Bradley, Ian Gamble (Sales Director Toyota Sandyford) and Stephen Flynn. (Picture: INPHO/Morgan Treacy)

Toyota Sandyford, the home of hybrid, has announced environmental advocates and co-founders of The Happy Pear, Stephen and Dave Flynn, as their new brand ambassadors. The brothers have opted for the popular Toyota C-HR Hybrid Sol as part of their year-long contract which will see them enjoy the eco-benefits of Toyota Hybrid technology.

Committed to building a better world for future generations, Toyota Sandyford has aligned with the popular eco-conscious twins to showcase the environmentally friendly capabilities of the Toyota C-HR Hybrid Sol. Capable of driving in EV mode up to 62% of the time, Toyota Hybrids produce fewer harmful emissions than petrol and diesel vehicles.

Commenting on the ambassadorship, Dave and Stephen Flynn of The Happy Pear said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Toyota Sandyford and look forward to experiencing all of the environmentally friendly benefits in our new Toyota C-HR Hybrid Sols. 

“Toyota is a brand that we have always admired and respected, particularly for Steve whose first car was a Toyota Starlet, and so this is an exciting venture for both of us. Sustainability has always been at the heart of our beliefs; our motto is to drive less and move more, so we are happy to partner with a brand that is striving for more sustainable driving.

“When we do need to drive, we can be assured that every journey we take in our new Toyota Hybrids is done with sustainability in mind.”

Viewed as a crucial stepping-stone towards a zero-emissions society, Toyota’s self-charging hybrids feature a host of eco conscious benefits such as automatic transmissions – a standard across the Toyota Hybrid range which ensures a fuel-efficient journey.

Just one Toyota Hybrid can save as much as 1.7 tonnes of CO2 versus a petrol car over three years – the equivalent of planting 25 trees. What’s more, Toyota Hybrids are self-charging meaning no plug-in requirements, a perk that further reinforces Toyota’s brand promise of being ‘Built for a Better World’.

Zoe Bradley, Head of Marketing Communications at Toyota Ireland said: “We at Toyota Ireland are very proud of our commitment to the environment and providing sustainable motoring solutions for our customers with our range of self-charging hybrid electric cars.

“At Toyota, it is our firm intention to continue to lead from the front under our ‘Built for a Better World’ brand promise, and pave the way towards a more sustainable world and a zero-emissions motoring environment.

“We now we look forward to commencing a new chapter with leading sustainability advocates, Dave and Stephen Flynn that will support us in this mission.”

Loughlin Murphy, Principal Dealer and Ian Gamble, Sales Director Toyota Sandyford said: “The Happy Pear twins are regarded as some of the leading sustainability advocates in Ireland, which is why we at Toyota Sandyford are thrilled to have them on board as our newest brand ambassadors.

“Protecting the environment is integral to what we do at Toyota Sandyford and with the support of Stephen and Dave in their new Toyota C-HR Hybrids, we look forward to seeing them create continued awareness and demonstrate their support for the brand.”

The Toyota C-HR Hybrid Sol is available in Toyota dealerships with prices from €38,385 or €250 per month. Interested customers are advised to contact their local Toyota dealership or visit