Techie boy wonder in CBS Primary


Techie boy wonder in CBS Primary

A 12-year-old student has managed to secure a contract with a media company, allowing him to do gaming reviews professionally.

Thursday, 18 April 2013
4:00 AM GMT

Most people don't dare to dream about signing their first contract until they have gone through college and really thought about what they want to do, but for 12-year-old Samier Amin in the CBS Primary school in Mitchelstown, that dream has already been realised, as he has now partnered with a media company to do video gaming reviews professionally.

Samier started exploring what he could achieve with technology just over two months ago, when he was uploading videos of himself lip-syncing along to popular songs. While this just sounds like a bit of fun, it would have involved Samier downloading the music and then editing it by changing the speed and filters to achieve the comic finish he was going for, before recording a video of this and uploading it.

This then graduated to having his own YouTube account on January 27, which people could subscribe to and follow - within two months, he had such a large following for his video game reviews that he applied for a partnership with RPM Network and they offered him a contract, which will see him take away 60% of the profits from the advertising on his YouTube videos. RPM Network is a media company, which helps young content creators to build up their YouTube channels and gain larger audiences. 

Samier explained that even though this is still very new to him, he has invested a lot of time and money in his reviews, as he has purchased top-end equipment to make his videos more professional. Some of the games that he has been asked to review include Google games and FIFA, among others.

"I now have a schedule, working on reviews every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A normal video with commentary could take up to four hours to complete," he said.

He added that he would sometimes have to leave his computer on overnight if he was uploading or downloading very big files.


Samier takes his new contract very seriously and to give his vidoes another level of professional finesse, he developed his own personalised logo and introduction snippet, so that he could start branding his creative material.

Explaining how he does the gaming reviews, which can be found on his YouTube channel, Samier said that he starts by recording bits of game play and then he goes through pieces and talks people through the game. He said that he started off by just recording normal game play, but that people started requesting tips and so it developed from there.

Samier said that in a single day his channel could gain between 200 and 300 views and in a week, he could have up to 1,200 views.

He added that mobile views are not counted, so his statistics would be even higher in reality and since Easter, when he joined the RPM Network, his channel hits have gone up by 3,000 and he said that he sees the figure rising every single day.


Samier said that this is something he hopes to develop and some day, he hopes to be working for Machinima, another gaming network, which has more than 138 million subscribers for its 5,000 YouTube channels.

To see some of Samier's work look up 'xunknownwarriiorx' on YouTube and be sure to include each character.

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