Tallow Horse Fair: 100 year old tradition still going strong

Residents in the West Waterford town of Tallow woke to the rattle of trailers and the clip-clop of horses' hooves early last Monday morning as the annual Tallow Horse Fair got under way.

The fair, which originated back in the early 1900s, is a day of great excitement and for many, it is marked annually on the calendar as an occasion not to be missed.

September 3rd is the faithful date, unless the 3rd falls on a Saturday or Sunday, in which case the fair takes place on the Monday.

There are no posters, no advertising, no signs and no event organisers – Tallow Horse Fair simply happens year after year!

Although horse trade was said to have been relatively slow on Monday last, there was a large crowd present to enjoy the atmosphere and have a browse through the many stalls which lined the main street, from the square to the bridge. 

A curry chip and a cone were the chosen items of sustenance for many and it’s a certainty that many old friendships were rekindled, reminiscing on the days gone by.

No doubt, an equine bargain or two was agreed on the streets.

‘I’ll see you at the horse fair’ is a phrase widely heard in the local area in the weeks preceding fair day.

The yearly stroll through the hustle and bustle and the catch up with those who you may not see until next year's fair, is really at the heart of Tallow Horse Fair’s charm.

Roll on 2019.

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