Surprised at the criticism


Surprised at the criticism

The criticism directed at the Tidy Towns committee in Fermoy, has come as a surprise, according to the group’s

Thursday, 18 April 2013
10:00 AM GMT

Dear Editor,

I was surprised that while attending a public forum recently, criticism was directed at the Fermoy Tidy Towns Committee as to its success, or more precisely, its lack of success. I would be the first to acknowledge that with more resources and personnel this image of our town could be improved and that is not to underestimate the achievements to date of the leadership shown by the Fermoy Tidy Towns Committee.

Only days before the criticism emerged, at the launch of our spring clean week, the eminent PRO Tom Cavanagh, who’s distinction is to recognise not alone locally, provincially, but as a national figure in the promotion of environmental issues, spoke of his pride that Fermoy was only one of three towns in the entire country who succeeded in achieving, reaching the European norm for cleanliness in ten successive years at the national I.B.A.L. competition.

Considering the remarks of Dr Cavanagh, I can only hope that the focus of our critics going forward will be directed in taking off their coats and joining the efforts of our Tidy Towns committee in creating additional success, while improving the image of our town.

Yours sincerely,

Tadhg O’Donovan,


Fermoy Tidy Towns Committee.    

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