Stroke survivor Jim gives message of hope

SAFE CROSSING - Local man Jim Burke, out and about and leading the way in his mobility scooter, at one of the pedestrian/mobility friendly crossings in Mitchelstown accompanied by Jackie McGann, Community Rehabilitation Officer, Headway and Vincent Dube, Mallow. (Pic: KH)

Twelve years ago Jim Burke’s life changed forever. The council worker from Mitchelstown felt unwell at work and returned home, he suffered a massive stroke that left him lying on the floor of his house, undiscovered, for three days.

He was rushed to Cork University Hospital where doctors saved his life, but did not have much more to offer in terms of long term care or hope of improvement in his condition. 

Jim, 60, felt abandoned but the staff of the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire began the slow process of giving him back his life.

The outlook was stark, he could not speak and he had to re-learn everything, from communicating to walking, to even using the toilet. 

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