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Stepping out in style in Kilbehenny

Dave Rea proved a big attraction in Kilbehenny recently, with the local community centre hosting a sizeable crowd for a night of social dancing.

Monday, 28 December 2015
11:34 PM GMT

A mainly mature audience enjoyed fantastic entertainment in Kilbehenny Community Centre recently - the occasion was all about dancing and the floor of this fine venue was full from start to finish. A critical factor in such a successful event was the music of Dave Rea – a one man band, whose musical offerings suited dancers perfectly.

These fleet footed men and women needed and received a break from the on-floor action. With the sós came loads of tea, sandwiches, cakes and buns. In Kilbehenny, there’s also a social dimension to the interval and much of the break time was given over to catching up with friends and renewing acquaintances.


When the music did resume, refreshed and rejuvenated patrons waltzed, jived and foxtrotted to more brilliant music. The affable Dave Rea threw in a few festive tunes for good measure and even after the bewitching hour there was no let up.

Organisationally, the evening was spot on and those who paid in got excellent value for the €7 admission fee. It’s been a busy and successful 2015 for everyone associated with Kilbehenny Community Centre and those fortunate enough to be present on the night hope it won’t be too long before they can do it all again.

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