"The Minister has given a commitment for the school to be built and for pupils to be in by September. I believe it is for us now, as public representatives, to hold the Minister and the ETB to that commitment – I am hopeful that it will be met."

So said Deputy Sean Sherlock in a statement, following the visit of Minister Joe McHugh TD to Coláiste an Chraoibhín on Wednesday afternoon.

"I have a lot of sympathy for those parents and prospective students who find themselves in limbo because right now, they do not have a place for September. I believe that the ETB should review the cap on enrolment in the month of August so that if works are being done on time, those who do not have places as of today, would receive a place in September. 

Deputy Sherlock's statement continues: “Coláiste an Chraoibhín, since it’s foundation, always had a strong ethos of not turning students away. It always provided itself, even in lean times, of being a welcoming school for students from all backgrounds. I have been contacted by a number of parents who are worried that their children will not have places in September 2019."

"I believe I am following the ethos of Christy Healy who has the respect of the people of the town of Fermoy and who never turned a pupil away in his life. I understand the need to strike a balance between a safe environment and not losing that ethos.”