Riverbed erosion posing serious risk to flood defences

An OPW spokesperson said the erosion activity is serious and could threaten flood defence walls. (Photo: John O'Connell)

The Office of Public Works (OPW) is continuing to carry out extensive emergency response works downstream of Kent Bridge, Fermoy where ‘serious’ erosion, if allowed to continue, could cause a threat to the stability of the flood defence works.

The OPW has appointed a contractor to address the situation whereby the bed of the river has been eroded to a significant depth between the weir and O’Neill Crowley Quay and next to the upstream end of Mill Island, as reported on previously in The Avondhu.

A spokesperson for the OPW told The Avondhu: “This erosion activity is serious and if left to continue over the coming winter period, it could threaten the stability of the flood defence walls constructed for the OPW as part of the Fermoy Flood Relief Scheme in this area.”

Technical assessment of the issue has been ongoing since July, which includes a riverbed survey carried out in August.

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