I have often said before on these pages, that colour is so important when buying a new car. You might go into a garage looking for one brand, but then you see a colour that really catches your eye and you might switch brands.

That old theory of changing your mind in the showroom may not be relevant any more as most potential buyers now do most of their research on-line. Apparently, it only takes customers fifteen or twenty minutes to decide on the car they want when they do eventually visit a showroom.

However, as many garages now cater for more than one brand of car, a last-minute switch cannot be ruled out.

Whether you are looking to buy a new or second hand car right now, I think you will have to agree that this Sunset copper-coloured Peugeot 5008 pictured here, with two silver roof rails, looks very impressive.

Peugeot has been busy in recent years, giving all their cars upgrades and the latest that I have driven is the massive 7-seater 5008. And just in case you were not sure of which segment the 5008 fits into, the company has added the letters ‘SUV’ to its name.

The Peugeot 5008 and 3008 led the company’s design revolution. The 5008 could be described as a larger version of the 3008 as it’s similar in looks and size, but it has seven seats. The third row of seats is ideal for small children, who love to be tucked away at the back, out of reach from their parents for a while at least.

The new 5008 SUV keeps the same exterior dimensions, but gets a few styling tweaks to freshen it up. The car gets the same family face as the 208 supermini and 508 saloon, with a larger grille, fresh LED daytime running lights and new headlights. And 18” Los Angeles two-tone diamond cut alloys add another touch of class.

Inside on the dash, there is a new infotainment set-up, with a 10” display for the main system, and a freshly updated 12.3” fully digital instrument cluster that sits above the steering wheel in the driver’s line of sight.

Then you have the usual seven piano-type toggle switches under the main display system. They are used for adjusting the air con and radio controls and it’s all rounded off with a very neat flat-bottom steering wheel.

The middle row of seats features three same-size adjustable seats that can also fold flat. The front passenger seat can tip forward to deliver a load length of 3.2 metres. The boot’s huge 702 litres of space can expand to 1,940 litres giving van-like cargo capacity. But naturally if the third row of seats are in use the boot space will be small.

As usual with Peugeot, three trims available: Active, Allure and GT. You also get full length doors which help keep clothes and legs clean when getting in and out. Two roof rails add to the SUV look.

I drove the1.5-litre diesel Allure version which was really frugal. Also available in 1.2-litre petrol and 2.0-litre diesel with up to 180 bhp.

Prices start at €41,335 for the 1.2-litre diesel Active version and rise to €60,720 for the 2.0-litre Automatic GT version. My Allure test version with 130 brake horse power will cost you €44,410. Road tax is €210.