Last week was all about Peugeot. On Monday I picked the new Hybrid version of their 3008 which came in a very attractive Vertigo Blue colour. Two days later it was off to the luxurious Glasson Lakehouse near Athlone for a first drive in the eagerly awaited new version of the Peugeot 308.

I was a bit surprised to see that some of the test cars came in an Olivine shade of green. Traditionally green has not been a popular colour for new cars, indeed some people used to say that green was an unlucky colour.

But I think sometimes in life we make our own luck and most of writers present agreed that green will mean that the new 308 will get noticed and maybe in time buyers may revert to traditional black, silver or grey versions.

Peugeot make no secret that they are benchmarking their new 308 against the VW Golf. The new car, which carries Peugeot’s the new ‘shield’ logo is only available as an automatic as no manual right-hand drive versions of the new car were made.

I will return to the 308 in a few weeks, but back to the massive 3008. It’s basically a smaller version of the 5008, but no seven-seat option available.

I love the interior of the 3008, and the way there is a dividing column between the driver and front seat passenger. You get the feeling that the message is clear, “this is my space here and that’s your space over there”.

The gear lever is incorporated into that dividing column. The dash has a very impressive look to it and it’s all topped off with a very sporty steering wheel. Those seven toggle switches under the ten-inch infotainment screen are by now very familiar to Peugeot drivers.

Overall, there is a feeling that you have plenty of space in the cabin and plenty of room in the back for three well-built adults. The boot is very spacious and if you leave down the back seat you can get plenty more extra cargo space. But no spare wheel, that space is taken up by the equipment needed for the Hybrid technology.

I love the high-driving position of the 3008. Externally when you look at the car the grille is very attractive and it’s complimented with the Saber style LED daytime running lights. The Detroit diamond-cut alloys certainly add to the classy look.

With 225 horses working under the bonnet there was plenty of power in my eight-speed automatic version.

As usual with Peugeot there are three specs, Active, Allure and GT. Prices start at €37,960 for the Active version while my Hybrid Allure test car will cost you €43,200. Road tax is €140.

Peugeot has made big improvements to their cars in recent years with

the launch of a trilogy of popular SUV’s and a move upmarket with new design direction and rock-solid quality. The 3008 was first launched in 2008 and the second generation, which was launched here in 2017, was a huge improvement.

While the jury is still out on Hybrid I would be happy with a petrol or diesel version until I see a charge point at every crossroad in the country. Most agree that a plug-in Hybrid is a useful way to get motorists familiar with the future, which we are told will definitely be Electric.