The MG brand originated in Oxford, England where Morris Garages used to customise Morris cars. In Europe, MG cars are probably most attractive for female drivers, but some time back I saw a quote from one of the new Chinese owners saying they wanted MG to stand for ‘Modern Gentleman’ in China.

Last year the Frank Keane Motor Group, who brought BMW and Mitsubishi to Ireland many years ago, was appointed distributer for MG in Ireland. They are quickly into electric mode with two versions of the MG ZS and a few other models on the way.

This year there seems to be a big push towards electric cars, but where are all the new charge points we were promised? There used to be a charge point at the Red Cow Luas stop but it’s gone now.

Meanwhile, we see several new apartment blocks under construction every day, where are the owners of these apartments going to charge their electric cars in 2030 when we are told only electric models will be on sale in Ireland?

The MG ZS EV is a fine looking car and there is plenty of space for four well-built passengers. My test model came in a beautiful shade of sky blue.

When I meet people interested in electric cars, I always get two questions – the price and the range. Well officially, MG say you should get 263km, but I think around 200km is more realistic. And the price after all the various grants starts at €28,995.

It’s decent sized car for around 30k, but I suppose the range would not keep everybody happy. Range anxiety is the big worry with electric cars. Much depends on the size of battery and the MG has a 44Kw battery.

The interior is predominantly black, with a touch of silver on the doors. There is a huge boot, but no spare wheel. However, there is a ‘well’ provided for a spare, so once again the advice is if buying new to haggle for a spare.

In the USA, President Joe Biden is proposing $174bn investment in electric vehicles, representing the biggest ever White House push from fossil-fuel based vehicles and toward battery-powered cars. 

Biden we are told is a self-proclaimed American ‘car guy’ was recently pictured driving in an electric version the ford F150.

The president, who at times could probably do with a bit of an electric boost himself, said: “The future of the auto industry is electric. There’s no turning back. The question is whether we will lead or we will fall behind in the race to the future.”

Also I read recently that former Manchester United star David Beckham has taken a 10% stake in Lunaz, a Silverstone-based company that electrifies classic cars.

Many years ago in the country people would say say, “have ye got the light yet”, meaning is your family home connected to the ESB. When it comes to electric cars some people are definitely seeing the light.

Prices start at around 29k, but my ZS Exclusive version will cost you €32,695. Road tax is only €120 and there is a seven-year guarantee.

It’s a fine comfortable car and if you are happy with the range available, then the MG is certainly worth a test drive.