The roads of The Avondhu region are set to get a huge overhaul as a massive multimillion euro project is launched. 

A senior Cork County Council official confirmed to The Avondhu the locations to get the roadworks and it spreads across the region. 

The locations and costs are as follows:

  • Terramount, Rathcormac will receive works worth €78,988.56.
  • Fermoy-L1516 – Conna National School – Eastwards will receive works of €62,902.43.
  • The R639 from Cork Road, Duntaheen, to McCurtain Street Fermoy will get €120,000 of works.
  • The R639, designated as ‘Outside Dairygold in Fermoy will get €45,000 road works. 
  • Surface dressing works worth €44,000 will be carried out at the L5661, Ballybeg, Brigown, Mitchelstown
  • Resurfacing will take place from the L1418 Brigown Graveyard to the Sliabh Alainn entrance, Mitchelstown to the L-1418 junction worth €170,259.45.
  • The R667, Douglas Cross Roads, Kilworth will get €100,792.44 of road surface works.  

Separate project

“Our 2020 Fermoy MD blacktop resurfacing programme consists of our RI / RM / Old National Route grants which have some locations that are in urban villages and towns throughout the district that will act as business/community supports. 

“There is no specific Covid funding towards resurfacing. The scheme costs below €620K and will be part of an overall €1.4m blacktop (tarmacdem covered roads) contract this summer.

“This is separate to our own direct labour wetmix / surface dressing operations which will have a separate budget of €3m,” a Council official said. 

The council announced the commencement of the Cork County Road Resurfacing Contract for 2020, at a total cost of €2.1 million, with works being carried out at seven locations throughout the county. 

The company appointed, Lagan Asphalt Ltd, a leading materials and contracting group based in Ireland, has widespread expertise in asphalt manufacturing and surfacing.

Cork County Council said that the work will be an important contributory element in supporting Project ACT, Cork County Council’s initiative to Reactivate County Towns across Cork, currently rolling out across the Council’s eight Municipal Districts with the support of Elected Members. 

A fund worth €6 million has been committed to support community, businesses and town enhancement works going forward.

The Road Resurfacing Contract works for 2020 are projected to be completed by August 10.

The contract will undertake 8Km of road improvement works in rural and urban roads throughout the various districts.

Importance of good road network

Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey said that the road surfacing was not directly related to the Covid-19 strategy but would work in tandem with it.

“The resurfacing works scheduled to be carried out on our county roads over the summer tie in beneficially with our integrated comprehensive efforts to re-energise our rural towns and villages with the suite of measures being rolled out by our town teams through Project ACT. 

“Cork County Council consistently works to develop our roads improvement programme as the importance of a good rural roads network both for local economy and quality of life is well known.”