Reassurance for Moher Crescent residents


Reassurance for Moher Crescent residents

There was good news at the Fermoy Electoral Area meeting for residents of a Mitchelstown housing estate, with assurances that problems there would be rectified.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013
1:15 AM GMT

A delegation from Moher Crescent in Mitchelstown left last Tuesday afternoon’s Fermoy Electoral Area meeting in Mitchelstown, reassured that there would be no repeat of the serious flooding that caused considerable damage to homes in their estate. They were also told that the estate’s green area would be re-instated.

The delegation comprised of Esther O’Brien, Mary Dawson and Margaret Lynch. Esther O’Brien detailed the problems that heavy rainfall had caused to their area. The delegation were introduced by Fermoy based Labour councillor and off licence manager, Noel McCarthy. Cllr McCarthy said he was pleased with the outcome.

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