Rave reviews for 2024 regatta

John Murphy, chatting with Jerry and Mary Bermingham, at last Sunday's regatta in Fermoy. (Pic: John Ahern)

A hectic day for everyone involved in last Sunday’s annual regatta in Fermoy, which attracted crews from all over Ireland. Usually, Sunday mornings in Fermoy are sedate affairs, however, it was a different story last weekend, with Ashe Quay the focal point for rowers and their boats.

It didn’t take long for attention to turn to the water and in keeping with trends from previous years, a good chunk of the racing programme had been completed before breakfast. It was more of the same from breakfast to lunch and so it continued into the afternoon.


There was plenty evidence of Fermoy Rowing Club efficiency, with crews entering and exiting the water in a clockwork fashion. From starters to race marshals and from umpires to safety personnel, everyone did their job. By early afternoon, locals had supplemented the already substantial crowd and there was an unmistakable regatta buzz in town.

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