President gives his support to Fermoy initiative

President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, has given his support to the proposed National Thank You Day which is the brain child of Fermoy man, Graham Clifford.  The event, designed to lift the spirits of a lockdown wary nation, is set to take place on February 28.

In a letter to organiser, Graham Clifford (social entrepreneur and writer/broadcaster), the President said: “I hope it will be a day on which many will reflect on those who have eased their journey through this worrying time, and will extend to them the small, but profound, act of expressing gratitude and appreciation.

“As we begin, I hope, to put these difficult days behind us it is such acts of solidarity that will ensure that together we can navigate our way safely towards a shared and brighter future.”

Graham Clifford said that on Sunday, February 28 organisers of the ‘National Thank You Day’ want to create a moment of reflection where …

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