Cork County Council are set to contact the various mobile providers across Ireland to query the ongoing issues with mobile phone coverage in North Cork.

They will also raise their concerns with the Department of Communications following a request by Cllr Frank O’Flynn at this week’s Northern Committee sitting.

Cllr O’Flynn requested that Cork County Council ‘call on the mobile phone providers to explain the reason for and to improve the very poor mobile phone coverage at present throughout North Cork’.

He expanded: “It’s a major problem. Everyone who is using mobile phones at the moment knows it’s an issue. We have it in Clondulane, we have it in Ballynoe, we have it in Doneraile. It’s a major issue across all of North Cork, whatever’s wrong with the mobile phone system.

“Even on the main road from Cork to Dublin there’s major problems.”

“We’re all getting texts that they’re upgrading and upgrading but I would ask that we write to the providers to improve the system and make them aware of the issue of the mobile phone system in North Cork at the moment. Even on the main road from Cork to Dublin there’s major problems. Whatever is wrong with the system, it’s going down quite often.”