Local public representatives – Cllr Frank O’Flynn and Deputy Sean Sherlock exchanged jibes at the Tesco Garda Youth Achievement Awards this week, organised to celebrate the positive impact of young people in the community, over the cost of postage stamps and housing.

The quips began when Cllr O’Flynn was invited to say a few words by one of the event’s organisers.

After commending all the young people involved, the Fianna Fail politician said he hoped the youths had written their letters to Santa Claus and sent them, referencing the decision by the Minister for Communications, Denis Naughten, to remove the cap on the cost of postage stamps this week.

“I hope at this stage you have all written your letters to Santa and I hope you have them sent off, because by tomorrow Sean (Sherlock) and those above in Dublin, will have raised the cost of the stamp. Sean, a minister in the past, I hope he will look after us, we want a few more houses here in Mitchelstown,” he said.

When Deputy Sherlock’s turn came to speak he quickly addressed Mr O’Flynn’s comments: “The words of a wise man come to mind; ‘empty vessels make most noise’.”

Mr Sherlock went on to explain that he had submitted a statement on removing the price cap on stamps, to which Cllr O’Flynn shouted from the top table that it was only submitted after the discussion in the Dail.

In response to the housing comments, the TD said significant funding for housing had been made available to local councillors.

The Labour TD had the last word, assuring all he and Mr O’Flynn are on good terms. He added that himself and Cllr O’Flynn often have a little barb, but later they will speak without issue.