Pole fire in Mitchelstown third in 18 months

A still from social media footage captures the ESB pole fire on Upper Cork Street this week. (@CorkIrishEddie)

Mitchelstown Fire Brigade attended the scene of an ESB pole fire outside Tim Forde’s shop on Upper Cork Street on Tuesday afternoon, where the incident caused the power supply to be shut off for a period of time.

The area was cordoned off and no one was reported injured. The fire appeared to be quite dramatic, with sparks flying in what was described as ‘fireworks’.

It’s the second ESB pole to go on fire in the town this year, and the third in 18 months. Fires also occurred on ESB poles in July last year in New Market Square, and another in January this year outside Finn’s Butchers on Lower Cork Street. Another ESB pole went on fire in Fermoy, also in January.