Plans for 400th anniversary celebrations in Lismore gather pace


Plans for 400th anniversary celebrations in Lismore gather pace

A programme of events, to mark the 400th anniversary celebrations of Lismore town, was outlined to councillors at the recent monthly meeting.

Sunday, 17 March 2013
10:12 AM GMT

Mayor Julie Landers was given the go-ahead at the recent meeting of Lismore Town Council to proceed with proposals she put to the meeting for the 400th anniversary celebrations of the town. The programme of events will take place on the May bank holiday, Monday 6th. Most events will take place in the Millennium Park.

As part of the celebrations, a presentation is to be made to former councillors and town commissioners. Scrolls commemorating the event are also to be presented to primary and secondary school students. Musicians from The Booley House, the Dungarvan Brass Band and musician Paul Flynn and his band, have all indicated their interest in taking part. It was suggested that Donal Brady be asked to give a talk on the history of Lismore during the morning.

Lismore Dramatic Society is interested in being involved in the event, the meeting heard, but didn’t have the budget for costumes. It would cost a thousand euro to costume 20 people, the mayor told the meeting.

Cllr Bernard Leddy asked if the celebrations would be video-taped as a record. “It should be recorded for posterity,” he pointed out. His suggestion had the agreement of members.


Stewarding for the event will be required, the meeting also heard and volunteers are being sought to help out.

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