Access to a pedestrian crossing on Mitchelstown’s busy Upper Cork Street won’t be restored in time for the return of schools at the end of August, Cork County Council has confirmed. 

The crossing is adjacent to number 49, the building which collapsed onto the pavement on July 7 this year, having been on the council’s derelict sites register for some 13 years.

“The reopening of the impacted pedestrian crossing will be determined by the schedule associated with building demolition, which will be carried out by a private third party,” a Cork County Council spokesperson confirmed this week.

A new pedestrian crossing at the Convent Hill junction, north of the crossing at no 49, should be used by schoolchildren and other pedestrians trying to cross safely, the spokesperson said.

In the meantime, there has been no further movement on the removal of rubble and the further securing of the building, over a month after the building collapse took place. 

“The property owner has committed to furnishing the council with a works plan and timeline, and same is expected shortly,” the council spokesperson said.