Some very interesting results emerged from a recent survey, to determine what employees really think about their work Christmas parties and gifts from their boss at Christmas.

A staggering 90% of over 550 survey respondents said they would prefer to receive a hamper at Christmas instead of attending their work Christmas party.

In relation to how people feel about Christmas parties, 28% of people said they dread it, more than half (51%) of people feel indifferent, while only 21% said they look forward to it.

The survey from Town and Country Hampers also revealed that almost 40% of companies will give gifts this year and of this, 68% are going to maintain their spend again this year, another indication of the continuous improvement in the economy here in Ireland.

In terms of who makes the decision on gifts for clients and employees, 43% said their CEO, 15% said the PA to the CEO, 17% said the sales manager and 25% said the HR manager.

When asked if they have a value expectation on a Christmas gift from their company, 67% of respondents said they don’t have a value expectation on a gift from their company, while more than a third (33%) said they would.

When it comes to what people would like included in their hamper, more than half (56%) of the respondents said luxury savoury products would be their preference – a positive result for Irish artisan producers. 25% said they would prefer chocolate and 19% said they would prefer alcohol.

According to 82% of respondents, quality products are far more important than the presentation and packaging of the hamper, signifying the support and demand for quality Irish artisan products.

Another interesting figure revealed that 58% of people prefer wine in a hamper, 35% would prefer spirits and just 7% of people said they would prefer beer to be included in a hamper.