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Even if 69% of adults living in Ireland are in a relationship at the moment, there are still a lot of people on the search for true love – at least 36% who are currently a member of a dating website and / or a user of a dating app. 

A recent nationally representative survey and 1,000 adults were asked about blind dates, top locations for a first date and do’s & don’ts on a date.

Unsurprisingly, the the Restaurant/Pub/Bar (70%) was the top ‘perfect location’ for a first date, followed by the Cinema (21%), an ice cream café (15%), the zoo (13%) and the theatre (10%).

The top 5 worst possible nightmares on a dinner date revealed by the iReach Insights survey, were found to be:

  1. Spend too much time on the phone (69%)
  2. Have bad manners (63%)
  3. Be rude to the wait staff (63%)
  4. Talk about the ex and 5. Drink too much (47%).

Surprisingly, only 15% of adults in Ireland have ever been on a blind date. Sadly, 23% have been stood up at least once.

Finally, here the top 5 qualities people are looking for in their (future) partner:

  1. Trustworthy (71%)
  2. Kind-hearted (70%)
  3. Funny (60%)
  4. Loyal (58%)
  5. Intelligent (57%)