Fermoy Snooker Club who operate out of the CYM&WS Hall in Fermoy held a 24 hour snooker marathon last weekend to raise funds for their club.

Following significant investment the club now possesses one of the best snooker facilities in the country.

Members are understandably proud of this historic hall and there was no shortage of recruits when the call went out for some marathon volunteers.

The event ran from 12 noon on Saturday, February 13 to 12 noon on Sunday, February 14. It got a bit tough towards the end, however, the balls kept dropping and the players kept standing. Participants were re-fuelled after dark and morale was high as night gave way to dawn.

Ken Butterworth said great credit was due to everyone involved, the event was a huge success and he thanked all those who contributed or helped out in any way – he reserved a special word of thanks for Brian Walsh who is so vital to the smooth running of Fermoy Snooker Club.