The new Nissan LEAF: the world's best-selling zero-emissions electric vehicle now most advanced and accessible on the planet.

The Nissan LEAF continues to be the number one car of choice for Irish motorists making the switch to EV.

One in two Irish EV drivers now drive a Nissan LEAF and 5,190 of Ireland’s 10,261 EV drivers have already chosen the zero emissions vehicle as the best way to reduce their motoring costs and carbon footprint.

Demand for the 100% electric car continues to soar and Nissan has already sold more new LEAFs during the first two months of 2020 than it did for all of 2017 as more motorists consider the benefits of EV driving.

The Nissan LEAF is now the best-selling electric vehicle in 18 counties.

362 motorists have bought a new Nissan LEAF so far this year. Nissan continues to occupy the number one spot for new EV sales in Ireland, a position that the Nissan LEAF has made its own since the car was launched a decade ago.

“It is the undisputed leader for families and businesses switching to EV”

“The Nissan LEAF continues to break all records for EV sales in Ireland and is firmly established as Ireland’s and the world’s favourite EV. It is the undisputed leader for families and businesses switching to EV driving to save money and the environment,” said James McCarthy, CEO of Nissan Ireland.

“New car buyers recognise that they can buy a well spec-ed new Nissan LEAF for less than €30,000 and that the car has exceptional residual value in a market where the demand for second-hand EVs is also growing apace. Buying a Nissan LEAF is a ‘win-win’ decision for customers, no matter what way they look at it,” he added.

‘Kinder to the environment’

“The Nissan LEAF is kinder to the environment than a hybrid. It delivers up to 385 kilometres of zero emission driving on a single charge. It offers spacious interior and ample boot space, which is ideal for families.  

“It has strong residual value and it is  easier on your pocket when it comes to running costs,” Mr McCarthy continued.

Families and businesses buying the Nissan LEAF are at least €2,000 a year better off for driving the car.

Ideal second car

Nissan has reported that these savings and the range of the new 62 kWh car have led to a marked increase in interest from farmers and rural dwellers who are now looking at the Nissan LEAF as an ideal second car.

Nissan is currently offering consumers who want to make the switch to EV driving the opportunity to trade in their old car and to get up to €3,500 scrappage against a brand new Nissan LEAF.

Nissan believe that those who make the switch will love driving electric, but anyone who changes their mind can swap to a brand new Qashqai instead, at no extra cost.

Consumers who want to test-drive the Nissan LEAF and to learn more about Nissan’s ‘Big Electric Switch’ offer can do so by visiting their local Nissan dealer or logging onto