Nike Vision is set to release its spring line of running glasses this April, which includes the Nike Vaporwing Elite, which uses optical technology to improve vision.

Nike Vision – a sub-company of Nike – which produces prescription eyewear and sunglasses, will release a new line of sunglasses aimed at runners this spring, which will feature 5 new models, including the more expensive Nike Vaporwing Elite ‘smart glasses’.

Don’t expect the ‘smart’ sunglasses to feature electronics that will help track a run.

Nike Vision have partnered with the lens company Zeiss Optics to create glasses designed to conform to the shape of the face and include a combined lens, along with openings and frame channels to divert sweat beads and help reduce fogging.

The Vaporwing Elite uses ‘vision technology’, featuring optics to allow the runner to focus on a moving target and accurately identify objects and measure the distance in front of them. This can be useful for long-distance runners who like to keep their eyes on a landmark with the goal of making it there at the fastest speed before slowing down the pace.

The glasses are lightweight and made for serious runners, but include a sporty and sleek fashionable look for everyday wear when out and about being active. They will come in three colours: matte black frame with speed tint red-flash lens, matte white frame with speed tint silver- to gold-flash lens and matte obsidian frame with standard speed-tint lens.

Nike Vision’s new spring running line includes the Nike Vaporwing Elite, the Nike Vaporwing, and the Nike Tailwind, the Nike Tailwind Swift and the Nike Bandit.