New stroke app is being developed

The “thumbs up” for stroke support from Ireland - Dublin, Donegal, Cork and West Cork; NI - County Down; UK - Yorkshire and Lincolnshire; and America - Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Stroke is the biggest cause of acquired disability and the third biggest cause of death in this country and can happen at any age. Every year, more than 10,000 people in Ireland have a stroke.

A five-part webinar series called the Next Step Forward Programme was recently launched by EnableUs – who support life after stroke by connecting survivors and caregivers online with clinical care teams and rehab providers. Such support to survivors during the pandemic was essential.

Delivered in partnership with Health Innovation Hub Ireland, the digital wellness toolkit is currently available on-line, helping survivors and their caregivers “thrive with life after stroke”.

An app for stroke survivors is now in development. EnableUs with support from Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI), is building a digitally connected stroke rehabilitation management system connecting survivors and their caregivers with care teams and rehab providers, to improve outcomes and save clinical resources.

This app would be accessible for any survivor in the community to have the best up to date stroke information for the stroke survivor provided by a professional stroke team.

The stroke device encourages self-management of stroke therapy, and a marketplace of digital therapeutic options and community-based support.

The final phase in the development of the app is now underway. If you need support, you can learn more and join in on the next virtual session by RSVP’ing on the virtual events page visit or connect on social media by searching EnableUs on twitter and Instagram.