New research sees reversal of online shopping trend

Good news for local retailers as new research from Penneys reveals that Irish consumers are returning to towns and shopping centres as the online shopping peak wanes. The retailer has published the second edition of its ‘Pulse of the Nation’ Index, in partnership with Amárach Research, which shows that almost half of consumers are now less interested in shopping online.

From the hassle of returns to sustainability concerns, Irish consumers are voting with their feet and heading back out shopping: 6 in 10 people now feel that shopping in-store is more enjoyable than shopping online.

1,200 people were surveyed, and the top reasons for turning their back on online shopping is the hassle of returns, the fact that what they received was not as advertised, and 21% were concerned about the carbon footprint associated with making returnes.

The research also reveals that the Irish tradition of ‘going to town’ is alive and well. Irish consumers want to spend time and money in their community, with 79% of people preferring to shop locally in their town when they can.

The research also identified a range of factors why some people prefer shopping in-store: 72% like to physically trying on items, 54% appreciate the ease of returns, almost half enjoy not having to wait for items to be delivered, and the overall social outlet of shopping with family or friends is the reason 32% of people like to shop in real-life.