New Peugeot 408


The new PEUGEOT 408 is unexpected because it is different. It is the first of its kind, both in the history of the Brand itself and in the car market as a whole. With the new 408, PEUGEOT demonstrates the creativity of its teams by offering a new fastback silhouette at the top of the C segment. This new age PEUGEOT offers a feline stance and unique allure, engineering excellence focused on efficiency and intelligent electrification, as well as the emotions provided by cutting-edge technologies dedicated to driving pleasure and instinctive use.

ALLURE: The PEUGEOT 408 stands out first and foremost for its dynamic fastback silhouette and its unmistakable style, but also for the extent to which it breaks the mould. Its feline stance is typical of the Brand’s models. Its lines are sharp, the grille is the same colour as the bodywork to blend in perfectly with the front end, and it proudly boasts the new PEUGEOT emblem with the head of a lion. The inverted cut-out of the rear bumper is unexpected, while giving the profile a strong look.

The new PEUGEOT 408 sits solidly on 720mm diameter wheels and the iconic 20-inch rims feature a disruptive geometric design. At the front, the fang-shaped light signature perfectly integrates the 408 into the PEUGEOT family, as do the three-claw LED lights at the rear.

With a length of 4.69m, based on a long wheelbase of 2.79m, the new PEUGEOT 408 has a remarkably spacious second row, with 188mm of legroom. The boot is also generously sized, with a volume of 536 litres, which can be increased to 1.611 litres once the rear seats are folded down. The new PEUGEOT 408 is 1.48m high with a slim and sleek silhouette. This improves aerodynamic efficiency.

EMOTION: For both its driver and its passengers, the PEUGEOT 408 offers the latest generation of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, instantly recognisable by its compact steering wheel dedicated to driving pleasure and controlled agility.

In the cockpit, the emphasis is on quality and connectivity, with the very latest technologies to make the driving and travelling experience more intuitive and rewarding.

EXCELLENCE: Powered by 6 cameras and 9 radars, the driver assistance systems provide peace of mind and safety. They include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go function,
  • Night Vision, which warns of animals, pedestrians or cyclists ahead before they appear in the high beam,
  • Long-range blind spot monitoring (75 metres),
  • Rear Traffic Alert, which warns of a potential hazard when reversing.

The range of engines powering the PEUGEOT 408 includes two rechargeable hybrid versions with 180 and 225bhp, and a 130bhp petrol version. All three are paired with an 8-speed EAT8 automatic gearbox. An all-electric version will follow a few months later.

Efficiency was a key concern for the designers of the PEUGEOT 408, since the combination of efforts in terms of aerodynamics, weight reduction (from 1396kg) and low-emission engines means that the vehicle can now boast remarkably low average energy consumptions (under homologation), both for the hybrids as well as for the 130bhp petrol version.

The new PEUGEOT 408 will arrive on the market at the very beginning of 2023. A car with a global ambition, it will be produced at first in Mulhouse, France, for the European market and then, soon afterwards, in the Chengdu factory in China for the local market.

“At PEUGEOT, we believe that life is better with allure. With its unique look, innovative fastback silhouette and unbridled elegance, the new 408 is the perfect expression of the PEUGEOT Brand’s philosophy and inventiveness,” says Linda Jackson, CEO of the PEUGEOT Brand. “Unexpected from every angle, the new PEUGEOT 408 has been designed for lovers of cars and of life, who want to break free from the traditional while seeking responsible pleasure. It embodies PEUGEOT’s exacting technological standards – controlled efficiency and a very high-level digital experience – as well as the intense emotions of instinctive driving pleasure”.

The quest for responsible and modern pleasure: the customers

With the new 408, the PEUGEOT brand completes its offer in the highly strategic C segment. PEUGEOT has taken a leading position in this segment over the last few years, with the success of the 3008 and 5008 SUVs, and of three generations of 308 saloons and 308 SW estate cars, the latest of which has just been launched. The PEUGEOT 408 completes the Brand’s offer and is positioned at the top end of the C-segment.

The new PEUGEOT 408 echoes the values and concerns of a population at the cutting edge of modernity: dynamic and hyper-connected, these people want to contribute to the energy transition, without having to sacrifice moments of pleasure. They are looking for novelty and appreciate the creativity and audacity of new combinations that break away from established categories.

Most of the new PEUGEOT 408’s customers will be couples, the majority active, with or without children, who will use their car for personal and professional purposes. A plethora of needs and desires, sometimes complementary, guide them in their choice. Some wish to move upmarket within the C-segment and buy a larger, more spacious car. Others are looking for a silhouette that is more original and innovative than a compact SUV, which they consider too common or too family-oriented. Finally, others simply appreciate the stature of a large car. All of them are looking for a very contemporary motoring experience, whether for everyday use or for long, comfortable and peaceful journeys with others.

Unique ALLURE of a dynamic and innovative fastback: the design

Combined with the feline stance of all PEUGEOTs, the formal language of the new 408 is perfectly in keeping with its innovative concept of a top-of-the-range C-segment fastback. It is characterised by a particularly sharp treatment of the surfaces, which is especially noticeable at the rear: at the end of the roof, and at the base of the wings, sharp facets are designed to play with the light.

The 408 features a specific exterior architecture. Based on the multi-energy EMP2 (Efficient Modular Platform) version, it has a long wheelbase of 2.787m, providing generous rear seat space. Its overall length is 4.69m and its width is 1.859m with the mirrors folded in.

The tracks are wide, with 1.599m at the front and 1.604m at the rear, so it sits solidly on the road, with large diameter wheels (720mm) and rim sizes of up to 20 inches. Although raised, the PEUGEOT 408 nevertheless has a slim and sporty profile, thanks to a height of just 1.48 m.

At the front, there is a long bonnet set between raised wings, which is characteristic of the latest PEUGEOT models. This styling choice reinforces the look at the front end while streamlining the profile, since the wing/hood cut-out is invisible. This construction principle also simplifies the outer line of the bonnet to allow the body parts to fit perfectly.

The Matrix LED technology used for the lighting has made it possible to design ultra-slim headlights, while guaranteeing a very high level of performance. These headlamps are the look of the new 408: a resolutely PEUGEOT look. The light signature extends downwards with two strips of LEDs in the shape of fangs that plunge into the bumper.

The grille is a bold sign of the 408’s identity. It is focused around the new Brand emblem which conceals the radar required for many of the driving assistance systems. The body-colour treatment of this grille “hides” it by blending it into the overall volume of the bumper – a sign of a generational change and of the electrification of the PEUGEOT range. Large black scoops characterise the graphic theme of the front end and visually accentuate its width and robustness. They surround and protect the light fangs by joining the black protections that encircle the body and improve the visibility of the light signature by contrast.

The profile of the new PEUGEOT 408 is characterised by a clever division between the black and painted parts, designed to refine its silhouette and add dynamism. It also emphasises the generosity of the passenger compartment, particularly in the side window design, which highlights the fastback vibrancy after the rear door’s highest point of accessibility.

The body and wheel arch side guards extend into a robust black rear bumper which, by cutting the body colour at an angle, accentuates the inverted effect of the stern to add to the oomph. It also helps to visually absorb the rear overhang, which provides a large luggage compartment.

The disruptively styled 20-inch wheels, with a geometric shape set in a circle, are striking when stationary and create a dramatic visual effect at low speeds. Their unusual design is in keeping with the new 408’s original concept approach.

The rear of the roof is a particularly aerodynamically sensitive area. The air flow is optimised and guided by two “cat ears” which create an optimal aerodynamic corridor towards the boot lid spoiler. These two features, which are as angular as they are efficient, are distinctive elements of the new PEUGEOT 408’s style.

The new PEUGEOT 408 will come in 6 colours:

  • Obsession Blue (new colour, selected to mark the launch of the model)
  • Titanium Grey (new colour)
  • Artense Grey (Allure trim only)
  • Elixir Red
  • Pearl White
  • Black Perla Nera.

EMOTIONAL driving experience thanks to the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®

Inside the passenger compartment, the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is one of PEUGEOT’s strong points. For a decade, it has been improved upon and modernised with each new generation. With the new PEUGEOT 408, it sets new standards in terms of ergonomics, quality, practicality and technology with a new infotainment system, the PEUGEOT i-Connect®.

The compact steering wheel is a feature of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® which increases driving pleasure tenfold by offering unique agility and precision of movement. The steering wheel of the new 408 is ergonomic and heated (optional), and it houses the controls for the multimedia system (radio, telephone) and certain driving aids.

Located at eye level just above the steering wheel, the new digital handset incorporates a 10-inch digital screen.  In GT trim, the handset is available in 3D technology. The digital instrument cluster can be fully customised and personalised and has several display modes (TomTom Connected Navigation, Radio/Media, Driving Aids, Energy Flow, etc.) that can be changed directly from the control panel.

The construction of the new PEUGEOT 408‘s dashboard is based on a “high vents” architecture, which places the air vents in a high position, just in front of the occupants’ heads in order to improve their thermal comfort.

This architecture also allows the central 10-inch touchscreen, which is slightly lower than the digital cluster located directly in front of the driver, to be brought closer to the hand. The system features fully configurable i-toggles which are arranged below the central screen like an open book and provide an aesthetic and level of technology unique in the segment. Each i-toggle is a touch-sensitive shortcut to climate settings, a phone contact, a radio station or applications …set to the user’s preference.

One of the objectives of PEUGEOT’s Interior Design Team in designing the passenger compartment of the new 408 was to balance the space between the two front row occupants. The PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® is faithful to the principle of a “driver-oriented” central screen, which optimises driving ergonomics without excluding the passenger from reading and using it.

Peugeot 408 PHEV interior. (Picture: Chris Noltekuhlmann)

The centre console is deliberately open towards the passenger. All the car’s dynamic controls are grouped together in an arc on the driver’s side. The driver can choose between the various modes offered by the 8-speed EAT8 automatic gearbox with a single touch:

  • Reverse (R) enables reverse gear to be engaged,
  • Neutral (N) allows the vehicle to be put in neutral,
  • Drive (D) starts automatic selection of the 8 gears according to speed, driving style, road profile and vehicle load.

Two remote buttons complete the functions:

  • Parking (P), puts the gearbox in park,
  • For hybrid engines, the Brake button (B) activates regenerative braking. For the petrol version, it is replaced by a Manual button (M), which allows the gear to be selected manually using the paddles located behind the steering wheel.

In addition, there is a Driving Mode selector, which allows the driver to select different modes (Electric, Eco, Hybrid, Normal and Sport) depending on the engine.

Connected EXCELLENCE: the PEUGEOT i-Connect Advanced system

The new PEUGEOT 408 offers a very high-level connected experience. Its new infotainment system is ergonomic and seamless with everyday use, offering each driver the best of the smartphone world and the best of the car world, according to his or her skills and desires. Each driver can define and maintain his or her own display, atmosphere and setting preferences. Up to eight different profiles can be stored in the system.

The mirroring function connecting the smartphone to the car’s infotainment system is now wireless, and it is possible to connect two phones via Bluetooth at the same time. Four USB-C sockets complete the PEUGEOT 408’s connected set-up.

The 10-inch high-definition central screen is fully and easily customisable, with multi-windows and widgets or shortcuts that are very easy to use and responsive like a tablet. It’s easy to swipe through the different menus from left to right or up and down for notifications, or with a three-finger tap to bring up the application wall.

Just like on a smartphone, it is easy to return to the main page at any time by pressing the touch-sensitive “Home” button.

At the top of the screen, a permanent banner displays outdoor temperature information, air conditioning, position in widget pages, connectivity data, notifications and time.

The PEUGEOT i-Connect Advanced provides theultimate infotainment experience. It is equipped with a powerful and efficient TomTom connected navigation system. The map is displayed on the entire 10-inch screen to make it easy to read. The system is updated “over the air”, i.e. directly by transmitting the data via the telecoms network.

The “OK PEUGEOT” natural language voice recognition command improves safety and is easy to use. It provides access to all requests related to infotainment functions.

To assist users and answer their questions, the system includes on-board documentation and tutorials.

EXCELLENCE and Efficiency as a must: bodywork and engines

Efficiency has been at the heart of the PEUGEOT teams’ efforts throughout the design and development of the new 408 in order to reduce its consumption and limit its CO₂ emissions.

Particular attention has been paid to the aerodynamics of the new PEUGEOT 408 to improve the energy balance. Bumper, boot flap, diffuser, body pillars, mirrors, underbody screens…, all body parts have been optimised thanks to close collaboration between PEUGEOT’s stylists and aerodynamic engineers – a collaboration that echoes the work discipline set up by PEUGEOT’s Design and engineering teams while creating the 9X8 Hypercar. In the same vein, the design of the wheels allows for better aerodynamic efficiency and contributes significantly to the car’s overall performance.

The body rigidity is optimised by bonding the structural elements to improve vibration comfort. Driving pleasure is part of the new PEUGEOT 408’s DNA, with exemplary road holding, top-of-the-range ride comfort, excellent driving pleasure and perfect handling in town, made possible by a turning radius between kerbs of 11.18 m.

The tyres on the new PEUGEOT 408 range from 17 to 20 inches. The tyres are of the Class A, in order to improve efficiency by reducing rolling resistance, without sacrificing the Brand’s requirements in terms of benchmark road holding.

Two plug-in hybrid engines are available on the new PEUGEOT 408:

  • PLUG-IN HYBRID 225 e-EAT8: 2-wheel drive / combination of a 180 bhp (132 kW) PureTech engine and an 81 kW electric motor coupled with the e-EAT8 8-speed automatic gearbox / currently undergoing homologation.
  • PLUG-IN HYBRID 180 e-EAT8: 2-wheel drive / combination of a 150 bhp PureTech engine (110kW) and an 81kW electric motor coupled with the 8-speed e-EAT8 automatic gearbox / currently undergoing homologation.

The Li-ion battery on both plug-in hybrid versions has a capacity of 12.4kWh and an output of 102 kW. Two types of on-board chargers are available: a 3.7kW single-phase charger as standard and an optional 7.4kW single-phase charger.

Estimated charging times are the following:

  • From a 7.4kW Wall Box (32 A) and with the 7.4kW single-phase on-board charger, fully charged in 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • From a reinforced socket (14 A) and with the 3.7kW single-phase on-board charger, fully charged in 3 hours 55 minutes.
  • From a standard socket (8A) and with the single-phase on-board charger (3.7kW), full charging takes approximately 7 hours 05 minutes.

An internal combustion engine is also available: the 130hp 1.2-litre PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engine, which complies with the latest €6.4 emissions regulations, is combined with the 8-speed EAT8 automatic gearbox and a Start & Stop system. This version is currently undergoing homologation.

It should be noted that all the engines of the new PEUGEOT 408 are equipped with the 8-speed automatic gearbox, a guarantee of peace of mind and efficiency.

No diesel version is available and a 100% electric model will be launched going forward.

Technological EXCELLENCE: driving aids

On board the new PEUGEOT 408, a comprehensive range of latest-generation driving assistance systems, fed by information gathered by 6 cameras and 9 radars, make driving, manoeuvring and travelling safer and smoother. Some of these systems are directly derived from the higher segments:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go function and adjustable inter-vehicle distance setpoint.
  • Automatic emergency braking with collision warning: detects pedestrians and cyclists, day and night, from 7 km/h to 140 km/h depending on version.
  • Active lane departure warning with lane correction.
  • Driver Attention Alert, which detects impaired alertness over long periods of driving and at speeds of over 65 km/h, by analysing the micro-movements of the steering wheel.
  • Extended road signs recognition and display on the digital cluster: stop signs, one-way signs, no overtaking signs, end of no overtaking signs, in addition to the usual speed-related signs.
  • Night Vision system, which detects living creatures (pedestrians/animals) in front of the vehicle at night or in poor visibility. The range of the system ensures detection, beyond the range of the high beam, with a central infrared vision display in the digital cluster located directly in the driver’s field of vision.
  • Long-range blind spot monitoring (75 metres).
  • Rear traffic alert: when reversing, alerts the driver to a nearby hazard.
  • 180° high-definition reversing camera with integrated cleaning nozzle.
  • 360° parking assistance with 4 high-definition cameras (front, rear and side),
  • Door mirror angle adjustment when engaging reverse gear.
  • Matrix LED headlamps for maximum use of high beam power without dazzling preceding or approaching vehicles.  
  • Automatic high beam.

The Drive Assist 2.0 package is a further step towards semi-autonomous driving, which will be available later. This package consists of Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go and Lane Keep Assist.

It adds two new functions, which are available on dual carriageways:

  • Semi-automatic lane change, which allows the driver to overtake the vehicle in front of him or her and then turn back, from 70 km/h to 180 km/h.
  • Anticipated speed recommendation, which suggests that the driver adapt his or her speed (acceleration or deceleration) according to the speed limit signs.

Other equipment is available to facilitate the daily use of the new PEUGEOT 408:

  • Proximity hands-free access and start,
  • Lidded arm access with a motorised boot lid,
  • Fully defrostable heated windscreen and heated steering wheel,
  • Perimeter, volumetric and deadlocking alarm,
  • Electric parking brake on all versions,
  • Sunroof equipped with a velum.

Lastly, the new PEUGEOT 408 is equipped with the e-call assistance system:

  • E-call+ emergency call with information on the number of passengers and location including the vehicle’s direction on the road.

Long-lasting EMOTIONS throughout a peaceful journey: well-being on board

Designed as a top-of-the-range C-segment fastback, the new PEUGEOT 408 offers a wide range of equipment designed to help you fully enjoy the pleasure of travelling and mobility.

The front seats are particularly comfortable and have been awarded the AGR (Aktion für Gesunder Rücken) label by an independent German association of ergonomics and back health experts. The label recognises both the ergonomics and the range of adjustment of the front seats.

The seats can also be equipped with 10-way power adjustment with two memory settings for the driver, 6-way power adjustment for the passenger, as well as an 8-pocket air massage with 5 different programs, and seat heating.

The design of the seats has been thought out to highlight the quality of the materials used: mottled fabric, technical mesh, alcantara, embossed leather and coloured nappa leather. On the GT versions, the seats are adorned with a signature Adamite-coloured thread, which also highlights the dashboard, door panels and the foam pads on the console.

Between the front seats, the arch of the centre console extends to a wireless phone charging area. The rest of the console is entirely dedicated to storage and practicality, with an armrest, two USB C sockets (charge/data), two large diameter cup holders and up to 33 litres of miscellaneous storage space. 

Rear space is particularly generous, thanks to the long wheelbase of 2.787 m, which makes the new 408 the most spacious PEUGEOT for rear passengers: they benefit from 188 mm of knee room. The footwell provides space for rear passengers to stretch their legs under the row 1 seats. It is designed to maximise freedom of movement; the design of the seats and the seat angle are intended to give passengers the opportunity to make the most of their space for optimum comfort during journeys.

Two USB C charging sockets at the rear of the centre console provide additional connectivity from Allure level.

The new PEUGEOT 408 offers as standard a two-part bench seat (60/40) equipped with a ski hatch. On GT, the two sections can be folded down immediately by means of two controls easily accessible from the sides of the boot.

The luggage compartment of the new 408 is particularly spacious. When both seat backs are folded down, the load capacity increases from 536 to 1,611 litres (including 36 litres of storage space under the boot mat for the internal combustion engine version). With the backrest folded down, an object up to 1.89 metres long can be loaded.

For everyday practicality, the boot area is equipped with a 12V socket on the right-hand side of the boot, LED lighting, storage net, strap and bag hooks.

The rear parcel shelf is directly attached to the boot lid. It remains attached to the boot lid whenever it is opened, making it easier to load.

The boot lid is motorised to facilitate access with loaded arms. It opens automatically…

  • By sweeping your foot under the bumper,
  • By pressing the button on the remote control key,
  • By pressing the external control of the tailgate,
  • Or by operating a push button on the dashboard.

Inside the new 408, the ambient LED lighting (8 colours to choose from) located behind the central screen releases a soft light and contributes to the sophisticated atmosphere of the cabin. The same light extends to the foamed door panels, which are either covered in fabric, Alcantara® or made up of genuine pressed aluminium parts depending on the finish level.

The new PEUGEOT 408’s temperature and acoustic comfort is upgraded thanks to the technologies used in the design and manufacture of its windows:

  • The windscreen is fully heated, as an option,
  • The thickness of the front and rear windows is increased (3.85 mm)
  • At the front, the side windows are laminated (from the Allure Pack level) for better sound insulation and increased safety (3,96 mm).

The air conditioning system also contributes to the thermal comfort of the occupants. The nozzles that bring fresh air into the cabin are located high up in the front, and passengers in row 2 benefit from two air vents located at the rear of the centre console.  To ensure a healthy inside atmosphere, the new PEUGEOT 408 is equipped with the AQS (Air Quality System), which constantly monitors the quality of the air entering the passenger compartment. It is capable of automatically activating air recycling. From the GT level upwards, this is complemented by the Clean Cabin, an air treatment system that filters out polluting gases and particles. The air quality is displayed on the central touch screen.

Developed in partnership with Focal, a French brand specialising in audio, the FOCAL® Premium Hi-Fi system in the new PEUGEOT 408 is the result of more than three years of cooperation. Complete with ARKAMYS digital sound processing, the FOCAL® Premium Hi-Fi system includes 10 speakers with exclusive patented technologies: 

  • 4 TNF aluminium inverted dome tweeters,
  • 4 woofers/mediums with Polyglass membrane and 165mm TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) suspension,
  • 1 Polyglass centre channel,
  • 1 Power Flower™ triple coil ovoid subwoofer.

They are connected to a new 12-channel 690 W amplifier (boosted class D technology). The Peugeot and Focal teams have worked together to establish the customised locations of each loudspeaker, in order to offer all passengers a sensational sound immersion. On board, the sound scene is stable and precise, voices are clear and detailed, and the bass is deep and impactful.

EXCELLENCE and everyday enjoyment: services

In order to support its customers in the energy transition, the PEUGEOT brand offers a range of services based on several pillars:

PEUGEOT Easy-care is designed to reassure buyers in their discovery process and help them enjoy their car with complete peace of mind with:

  • Simulators and digital journeys to provide information on electric mobility on the PEUGEOT brand websites,
  • Adapted service contracts and roadside assistance, which can be included in a single financing package to allow customers to enjoy their vehicle with complete peace of mind,
  • A battery capacity certificate after a service to make it easier to resell an electrified vehicle by guaranteeing the level of capacity of its battery.
  • The battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 160,000 km.

Finally, from the smartphone application MyPeugeot® or from the central screen, it is possible to:

  • Launch or schedule thermal pre-conditioning. Beyond comfort, this feature optimises the range (faster convergence of the temperature set point during the start-up phases) by anticipating the optimal running temperature of the battery when it is plugged in.
  • Check, schedule, launch or defer the battery charge.