Travellers booking package holidays will now enjoy stronger consumer rights, with new EU ruling having come into force from Sunday, July 1.

In addition to traditional package holidays being covered, the new rules will also protect consumers who book other forms of combined travel, including self-customised packages, where the traveller chooses different elements from a single point of sale online or offline.

The new rules will also introduce protection for ‘linked travel arrangements’ when the traveller purchases travel services at one point of sale, but through separate booking processes, or, after having booked one travel service on one website, is invited to book another service on a different website.

Commenting, Ireland South MEP, Deirdre Clune said: “It is great news that consumers rights are being further protected by these new rules. This is especially relevant for people booking their holidays online, many of whom do so. I would advise people who are booking holidays to make sure you are aware of your rights and you know what you are entitled to.”


The new rules will benefit consumers even more with: Clearer information for travelers; Money-back and repatriation in case of bankruptcy; Clearer rules on liability; Stronger cancellation rights; Accommodation if the return journey cannot be carried out, along with Assistance to travelers in difficulty.

The new rules will also benefit businesses, with Clearer rules, making cross-border activities easier; Modernised information requirements no longer based exclusively on travel brochures and Reduced regulatory burden.

Member States had to implement the rules in national legislation by January 1, 2018, which was followed by a six-month transition period until 1 July, which is the date when the national measures transposing the Directive applied.