EEVEE is a new digital service designed to make electric vehicle ownership more transparent, efficient and cheaper. EEVEE’s platform and app gives electric vehicle owners and fleet managers full visibility on how much it really costs to charge-up.

This new service solves a long-standing problem faced by company EV drivers – how to accurately claim back home charging costs for business use. Like a digital fuel card, EEVEE generates reports for users which can be sent automatically to the accounting department of their employer. EEVEE also links directly to many accounting and fleet management systems.

EEVEE founder, Steffen Brans said: “We are electric car enthusiasts and we want to help accelerate the adoption of EVs by giving owners the full story on how much it’s costing them to charge and run.

“The increasing number of charging solutions, cards and rates makes it hard for EV owners to keep track of how much they are spending, with multiple data sources for charge costs if they use different charging networks.

“EEVEE, with its powerful app and secure, advanced connected vehicle technology, cuts through the confusion. It is the ultimate tool for giving consumers and companies total transparency to all charging costs and real-time efficiency information.”

Harnessing advanced connected vehicle technology

EEVEE takes advantage of the trend towards connected vehicles and is the only service that connects directly with your car to unlock the charging data it stores. EEVEE collects this data (with owners’ consent) to offer valuable insights into charging behaviour and costs.

To establish a safe and secure connection with a vehicle, EEVEE uses a ‘virtual key’ provided by the manufacturer, known as an API token.

Once connected, advanced ‘Vehicle to Cloud’ (V2C) technology allows vehicles to share information with EEVEE, which can then provide users with real-time information on consumption, cost and efficiency.

Enhancing the EV ownership experience

EEVEE is the ultimate tool for EV owners. It offers a seamless experience, with no extra hardware needed and an easy and secure connection process. The app is already providing an invaluable service to Tesla drivers in 47 countries, with a rapid rollout of more compatible models from different brands underway.

The ever-growing list of compatible vehicles includes many of the most popular electric models on sale from brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Stringent security and the utmost respect for privacy

EEVEE employs the most robust security mechanisms and is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring that users retain full control of their data at all times. The API token that gives the service access to a vehicle’s data can be revoked at any time, a process which is as simple as changing your password.

To instil confidence that personal or vehicle data won’t fall into the wrong hands, users’ credentials are never stored on a server (not even temporarily), which prevents third parties from accessing their data without permission.

Revolutionising charging to speed up EV adoption

EEVEE is on a mission to accelerate EV adoption through its ecosystem of digital products and services, which are designed to revolutionise EV charging by making it more transparent, more efficient and cheaper.

EEVEE is constantly innovating to stay up-to-date with the latest electric vehicle technology and redefine the way we charge, with future updates to the service and app set to bring even more functionality.

The launch of the EEVEE online service and app comes at the perfect time, with the number of connected vehicles rising rapidly. As a connected, innovative platform, it can grow with the increasing range of connected car APIs from different car brands.

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