Motion on reduction of pensions withdrawn


Motion on reduction of pensions withdrawn

The tabling of a motion by Cllr Orla Russell at a recent Lismore Town Council meeting, requires a change in the wording for the motion to be considered by the council.

Sunday, 17 March 2013
9:00 AM GMT

A motion tabled by Cllr Orla Russell for the recent Lismore Town Council meeting, calling for the constitution to be changed to allow the pensions of ex-politicians, top civil servants and bankers to be reduced, had to be withdrawn when it was found that recent events had overtaken the issue.

Cllr Russell said that the new Croke Park Agreement contained proposals to cut “but they are a pittance. Even if they were cut by 40% it wouldn’t be enough,” she said. “Bankers got away with it and we are funding their pensions,” she added. Her motion at first had the support of Cllr Jimmy O’Gorman, who seconded it.


Cllr Jan Rotte pointed out however, that the Government recently made changes to pensions without having to change the constitution and he questioned Cllr Russell on why she mentioned doing so. Cllr Bernard Leddy told the Fine Gael councillor it was her party who wound up the IBRC “at great cost to the taxpayer.” He went on to say the Government “haven’t the will” to cut those pensions.

Cllr Rotte insisted the motion needed to be changed if it was to be adopted. He said he wasn’t against the motion and he suggested Cllr Russell withdraw it and bring a new motion before their next meeting.

Cllr Russell agreed to change the wording and bring the motion back to their April meeting.

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