Mallow General Hospital patients took part in the first ever National Patient Experience Survey – the results of which were released on Monday last, December 11.

The survey found that, in general, Mallow Hospital performed well in the National Patient Experience Survey 2017, achieving scores that were above the national average for many questions. In particular, they rated highly during the examinations, diagnosis and treatment stage.

Most people reported that they were treated with privacy, respect and dignity during their time in the hospital and had confidence and trust in the hospital staff treating them. People also remarked positively about the standard of cleanliness in the ward they stayed in and the bathrooms they used.

In general, people also reported positively on the number of staff who wore their name badge and introduced themselves to patients, while on the ward.

However, people indicated some challenges relating to the discharge process, including a lack of printed communication from the hospital staff about what they should or should not do at home.

It was also noted that improvements are needed about information about medication side effects and danger signals to watch out for after leaving hospital. The choice of food offered to patients is also an area for improvement in Mallow General Hospital.