John and Mary Sherlock with their son, Dr William Sherlock, of Mulberry Lane, Mitchelstown.

A scientist from Mitchelstown has recently been conferred with a Doctorate in Development and Stem Cell Biology from University College London.

Dr William Sherlock, who is a native of Mulberry Lane, Mitchelstown, is a former pupil of Mitchelstown CBS and also of University College, Cork.

His parents John and Mary, and sister Elaine, who live in Mulberry, attended the conferring in London.

Will’s cutting edge research was funded by a prestigious Wellcome Trust Scholarship, one of only six awarded in Britain during the year his PhD commenced. 

The title of his research thesis was ‘Characterisation of the Gene PTPRS in the development of the Cerebral Cortex’. This research relates to helping find cures for certain types of cancer.

Will got his MRes, which is a form of Master’s Degree, from University College London in 2011. Prior to that, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Genetics from UCC in 2008.