The Migraine Association of Ireland urges migraine sufferers to take part in the first Global Burden of Migraine Patient Survey.

The Migraine Association of Ireland is please to support the Novartis, Worldwide Burden of Migraine Patient Survey. This global survey of migraine patients has been launched by Novartis in partnership with the European Headache Alliance. The EHA is a not for profit, umbrella organisation for European headache and migraine patient groups.

Migraine is the 3rd most common disease worldwide but is often overlooked or people misunderstand and underestimate the significant impact that migraine has on the lives of those affected.

A recent Irish telephone survey commissioned by Novartis found that  20% of respondents had taken at least 1 sick day due to headache in the previous 3 months and 42% reported being less productive  at work, school or college. 

40% of respondents also indicated that headaches had interfered with their ability to carry out domestic tasks in the previous 3 months and 23% indicated they had actually missed social events because of their headaches. [1]

The global survey will give migraine sufferers, the opportunity to share their first hand experiences of living with the disease and the impact it has on their everyday lives and the lives of those around them. The 3 topics covered in the survey include:

  • How migraine affects your everyday life and wellbeing.
  • Your experience of migraine, from first symptoms to diagnosis and treatment.
  • Your experience of migraine medications and treatments.

The survey takes around 25 minutes to complete but The Migraine Association is encouraging people to take the time to complete the survey as the results could prove a powerful advocacy tool for patient organisations, when lobbying for allocation of more resources to migraine management and treatment.

The data is entered anonymously and the results when analysed will be shared with patient advocacy groups, physicians and medical societies. It may also be published in peer-reviewed journals, presented at medical congresses and reported on in the media. 

For further information and to take the survey please visit The Migraine Association website at

[1] Prevalence and Impact of Headache in the Republic of Ireland, Dr Niamh Murphy, Dr Martin Rutledge, Esther Tomkins & Ruth McIver, September 2017