Michael Hoare stepped down from ther driver's seat of the Cork-Fermoy/Mitchelstown 245 Bus Eireann route last week after 42 years of service.

Michael, who was born and reared in Fermoy and has lived there all his life, will be remembered by many users of the 245 for his safe driving, his good humour and his helpful nature. 

Michael started out as a conductor in 1975 in Cork city and remained there for three years, being on a panel which meant that he was put on many different routes covering sick days and holidays for other conductors.

One day, Michael was sent out to cover the Douglas service for conductor Paddy Murphy. At one of the stops along the way, a boy with a bag of apples was waiting and when the bus stopped he said to Michael: “My mother told me to give this bag of apples to Paddy Murphy. Are you Paddy Murphy?” “I am,” said Michael, ever the joker, and found himself going home after his days work with a bag full of lovely apples. 

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