GLE Coupé - one of the new 2020 arrivals expected from Mercedes-Benz.

From Mercedes-Benz, the pace of new model introductions planned for 2020 shows no sign of letting-up with no less than 22 model arrivals scheduled.

Of these, six will be conventionally powered vehicles with a further 16 arrivals to be made-up of new PHEV plug-in electric hybrid models – a breakdown that underlines the gradual and obvious transition by Mercedes-Benz into the manufacture of alternative energy vehicles.

Six New Model arrivals, including electric-powered EQA SUV

With launch dates to be announced during the course of the year, the six new conventionally powered model introductions are: a new GLS SUV model; a mid-size GLB SUV that includes a 7-seater version; a GLE Coupé; a GLA Compact SUV and a much-anticipated new S-Class.

Also planned is a second model from the Mercedes EQ stable in the form of a fully electric powered EQA SUV.

Its introduction alongside the recently launched EQC will see Mercedes extend its presence in the all-electric sector with a model designed to compete in the higher-volume compact segment. 

In terms of sequencing, first to arrive here will be the GLB, followed quickly by the GLA, GLE Coupé and GLS.

The EQA and S-Class will arrive later in the year, most probably towards Q4.

GLS – one of the new 2020 arrivals expected from Mercedes-Benz.

Hybrids – a big part of 2020 story

A major focus of attention next year will be the emergence of hybrids as a main plank in Mercedes’ 2020 model story.

In this regard, the Mercedes EQ division is set to introduce an impressive 16-strong line-up of hybrid vehicles – models that their Sales Manager in Ireland, Ciaran Allen says: “are poised to capture the growing demand amongst eco-conscious motorists for vehicles that deliver the best of all worlds.”

Coming will be an A 250e, B 250e, GLA 250e and CLA 250e in Coupé and Shooting Brake versions. Also scheduled are C-Class petrol and diesel powered hybrids in saloon and estate – they being a C 300e and C300de.

GLB – one of the new 2020 arrivals expected from Mercedes-Benz.

A similarly-configured GLC hybrid range in Coupé and SUV form – a GLC 300e and GLC 300de – will be available in petrol and diesel with 2WD and 4WD transmission. Coming also will be an E-Class diesel hybrid in E 300de Saloon and Estate versions, plus a GLE 350de with 4-Matic transmission.

Describing their 2020 line-up as ‘the most inclusive and ecologically attuned range of models ever introduced by Mercedes-Benz’, their sales manager for passenger cars in Ireland, Ciaran Allen said: “it is a range perfectly configured for those socially concerned owners who seek to future-proof their motoring requirements.”