– Testicular Cancer Awareness Month –

This April, the Movember Foundation is encouraging guys and their partners to get to ‘Know thy Nuts.’ The mission of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month is to educate the country about what’s normal and most importantly, what’s not.

Though not always seen as such, testicular cancer is very much a young man’s disease and is most common in men aged 15-34.

Many men either never check their testicles, or don’t know how to perform a self-examination, making it all the more critical that awareness around the issue is improved. In a ballsy move, the Movember Foundation has created a limited edition ‘Know Thy Nuts’ soap-on-a-rope!

It’s the perfect shower partner for any man, to help spread awareness while raising vital funds for men’s health.

Neil Rooney, Movember Country Manager says: “While testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men, it’s largely overlooked and many men simply aren’t aware of the signs they need to look out for. As the leading foundation for men’s health in Ireland, Movember is going balls-out for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and asking guys and their partners to #KnowThyNuts”

Movember is letting it all hang out and encouraging guys to get to know their nuts a little better and if they notice any lumps, pain or swelling, to see a doctor.

This April, get a little hands-on. Get to ‘Know thy Nuts’: Find somewhere comfortable; a warm environment is best, so hop in the shower, soap up and cop a feel. Roll one nut between the thumb and fingers, checking for lumps, swelling or anything that doesn’t feel quite right. (Lather, rinse) repeat with the other nut. If something feels unusual or hurts, seek advice from a doctor

Head to Movember.com to find out more information.