There were claims that the chimes of a town clock bell was causing significant problems for a nearby hotel. Jimmy Kiely of Lismore Hotel, said that such was the disturbance caused by the bongs emanating from the tower, that his business was suffering as a consequence. Mr Kiely said that he had to offer free bed and breakfast to disgruntled guests because of a lack of sleep. 

“We had seventeen people staying in the hotel on Tuesday night and the majority of them didn’t get a wink of sleep. It’s particularly worse for guests in the front of the building, it’s actually as if the clock is ringing in their ear,” he said.

The time piece, which had been silenced in previous years, had been reactivated as part of the Millennium celebrations for the area. Mr Kiely said that the original purpose of the bell was to wake people up when there were no alarm clocks. Local town commissioners had discussed the matter and were expected to address the issue to find a solution.

A tragedy was the lead story 21 years ago, as warm tributes were paid to young James Nash. 19-year-old James was tragically killed en route home to Kilworth following his graduation ball, while walking on the Fermoy-Mitchelstown road near Kilcrumper. Described as an affable young man  with ‘delightful wit’ who was enjoying life as a trainee chef, he had been working at Corbett Court for two years. His co-workers spoke of their devastation at his loss.

There was also tragic news in Mitchelstown, when a couple died just hours apart. Paddy and Mary Ellen Kavanagh from O’Neill-Crowley Terrace passed away peacefully, shortly after each other.

Residents in Tallow had become increasingly displeased with the ESB over the company’s failure to repair a street light which had been out of order for several weeks. Cllr Willie McDonnell said that the problem had been reported to the utility company on numerous occasions, but no work had taken place.

“It’s a very dangerous spot at night because cars come into Tallow from over the bridge and should someone be crossing, they haven’t a hope of seeing them. There are also a number of elderly people living in the vicinity of the street light who are in danger of falling in the pitch darkness. It’s ridiculous that the ESB won’t come and fix it in the interest of safety,” blasted Cllr McDonnell.

While the people of Tallow were unhappy about their lighting situation, the people from the Glocca Maura area were said to be delighted when news emerged that they were to get street lighting. Council engineers had confirmed that lights would be erected at the location following extensive campaigning by locals.

There was disquiet in Fermoy as council workers vanished during works at the back entrances to houses on Clancy Street and Devlin Street without finishing the project. Cllr Tadhg O’Donovan said he was aware of the residents’ concerns over the unfinished construction, but said that he had been reassured that the workers would come back to finish the job.

There was celebrations and tributes on the retirement of two well known Dairygold workers. Tommy Mullins from Kilbehenny and Donie Wiley from Mitchelstown’s Mandeville Park, had a total of 80 years service between them and their friends and colleagues gave them a fitting send off into the world of retirement.

Tommy had began his career in Kingstons, he worked his way to Kilbehenny following the closure of the branch there and then moved to the Clonmel Road where he remained until his retirement.

Donie began work in the butter yard and progresses to the Clonmel Road facility, where he worked for the majority of his career. He had also spent some time in London as a bus conductor. There was a big turnout and their colleagues contacted The Avondhu to wish both men well in their retirements.

Little changes over 21 years and this week in the year 2000, there were calls to utilise a site in Fermoy to ease the perennial issue of public housing. Councillor John Murphy said that the former aerodrome in the town should be zoned for house building. “With the way house prices are going, a couple on the average industrial wage, attempting to enter the housing market, are finding they can’t compete,” he said.

In sport, Castlelyons Pitch and Putt Club were celebrating after an ‘impressive win’ in the County Leagues. The panel of William Murphy, Joe Daniels, John Milward, St John O’Connor, Noel Coughlan, Declan Howard and Rory O’Connor took the honours against Rocklodge. While in soccer, Hill Celtic AFC took a resounding 6-0 victory against Bandon. Scorers were Ciaran Coakley, John Barton (x2), Donal O’Shea, Terry Broderick and George Johnson.