It’s the Coeliac Society of Ireland’s mission to make Ireland the best place in the world to live gluten free. On Tuesday (16th February) that means ensuring that the nation’s 450,000 people who are coeliac or gluten intolerant can tuck into tasty pancakes just like everyone else.

Pancake Tuesday is traditionally the last chance for many to indulge in sweet and savoury delights before lent. For someone who suffers from coeliac disease or gluten intolerance, this is not always easy.

Gluten occurs naturally in the flour that is the main ingredients of regular pancake mix. Consuming even a small amount can have a big impact on the health of someone suffering from this coeliac disease. 

Thankfully the Coeliac Society is sharing some delicious and healthy pancake recipes so those on a gluten-free diet need not miss out. They include a range treats such as coeliac chef Finn Ní Fhaolain’s delicious Buttermilk Pancakes. The recipes are published on

Coeliac chef Finn Ni Fhaolain.

There are also tips on food preparation to ensure that pancakes for coeliac and gluten intolerance sufferers do not become inadvertently contaminated by food containing gluten.

Coeliacs who consume gluten can experience symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, recurring mouth-ulcers, weight-loss, vomiting and diarrhoea. Coeliac disease is a lifelong auto-immune condition which, if untreated, can affect fertility and lead to other health conditions such as osteoporosis. 

There is no cure for coeliac disease, the only treatment is a strict gluten-free diet. If you believe you may have coeliac disease or suffer from gluten intolerance, visit your GP for a test.

The recipes below provide the solution to a sweet and savoury gluten free pancake Tuesday. 

Higher protein/fiber, no added sugar, low fat, gluten free pancakes


75g Gluten free porridge oats
1 tsp Gluten free baking powder
20g Sorghum flour
1 Banana (ripe)
300g Cottage cheese
1 Egg
5ml Organic Vanilla bean extract
25g Blueberries
15ml Coconut oil (for frying)


To prepare the mixture blend all the ingredients in a food processer or with a hand blender. Divide in four and pan fry on both sides until golden in colour. Transfer to baking tray and bake at 160c for 7 mins.

This makes 4 pancakes. (2 per portion)

The pancakes are light in texture yet filling, a good food for breakfast lunch or to eat when in need of extra protein. The oats provide slow-release energy. When fried in the coconut oil they are golden in colour.

Protein Pancakes with Chocolate Bananas and Blueberries 


75g of gluten free porridge oats
1 teaspoon of gluten free baking powder
20g sorghum flour
2 medium bananas (ripe)
300g of low fat cottage cheese
1 large egg
1 teaspoon of natural vanilla extract
50g blueberries
15ml olive oil
50g of dark chocolate melted (ensure it is gluten free variety)


Blend all the ingredients, except blueberries and one of the bananas in a food processer or with a hand blender. Divide in four and pan fry on one side until golden in colour. Turnover and sprinkle on the blueberries and push into the mixture. Flip onto the blueberry side for 1 minute. Transfer to baking tray and bake at 160c for 7 minutes. Serve with sliced banana drizzled with melted dark chocolate.

The pancakes are light in texture yet filling. They are great for breakfast, lunch or as a high protein snack. Bananas and blueberries add fibre and vitamin C. Dark chocolate is a great source of zinc and iron but you can use less or leave it out if you like. 

Banana Pancakes 


1 banana
2 eggs
A drop of vanilla essence


Mash the banana well.  Beat the eggs and mix well into the banana.  If you have a soup blender, give the mixture a quick whizz to get it as smooth as you can.  Add a little of the batter to the pan to the size you want.  Cook until it is lightly browned underneath and almost set on top.  Flip over and cook on the other side.  Top with berries, yoghurt or just enjoy as they are.

Simple traditional style pancake batter and savoury options


250g (8oz) gluten free flour or gluten free white bread mix
Pinch of salt
1 Large egg
14 fl oz milk
Butter for frying


Combine all dry ingredients in bowl, add egg and milk and beat until batter is smooth, no lumps. Let batter stand for 10 minutes, heat a little butter on the pan and use a soup ladle to drop the batter onto pan. When mixture is puffed and bubbling on top, turn and cook on other side. Serve hot with honey drizzled over.


Banana & Lemon Filling


4 Bananas sliced
3 tablespoons Golden Syrup
2 tablespoons fresh Lemon juice


Place all ingredients in pan and simmer gently for about one minute, spoon into prepared pancakes and serve with fromage frais

Apple & Blackberry Filling


450g (1lb) cooking apples
225g (8 oz) blackberries
3 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons brown sugar


Peel apples and slice into pan with blackberries, add water and cook gently for about 10 minutes until fruit is soft. Serve in prepared pancakes 

Orange; Blueberry Filling


4 medium oranges
2 cups blueberries


Peel oranges and divide into segments, combine with the blueberries and heat gently until fruit is warmed through. Serve on prepared pancakes, topped with natural yogurt.

Buttermilk Pancakes

by chef Finn Ní Fhaolain – (Serves 2)

1 cup GF self-rising flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 cup buttermilk – don’t forget to shake it up! 
1 medium free-range egg 
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp cinnamon – optional 
1 ripe banana or 1/2 cup blueberries (optional)

  • Add all ingredients to a large bowl or pouring jug and blend. If you’re not using the banana, you can also just do this with a whisk or fork.
  • Put a pan on a medium-high heat and once hot, melt the butter. Add the butter to the pancake and mix and stir. Ensure enough butter remains to evenly coat the pan.
  • I find my pan usually fits about 3 little pancakes – they’ll be the puffy, stackable American-style ones!
  • They should take about 30 seconds or so either side until golden brown and you can keep a plate warm in the oven for pancakes while you use up all the batter. 
  • These pancakes last well and sometimes you can just pop them in the toaster the next day too!

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