A group of Americans were in Araglin recently doing what countless Americans have been doing for generations – tracing their roots. In this instance, there wasn't too much research involved as the Boston O'Mahoneys have long known about their connection to the Araglin townland of Propogue. 

Forced to emigrate from these shores in the early 1900s, these resourceful individuals forged out successful lives for themselves in the New World.

During the course of last Friday night's reunion, the visiting group were delighted to personally meet their direct descendant, Mary White (nee O'Mahoney). Now in her 90s, Mary has excellent powers of recollection and was able to provide lots of insightful information to the Americans. 


Boston based O'Mahoney clan leader Bill O'Mahoney, is a colourful character and in his address last Friday night, he praised the tenancity and determination of the O'Mahoney's from Araglin of whom, he said, he was 'immensely proud to be descended from'.   

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